My girlfriend has cheated on me 4 times, and now I feel paranoid when she’s not home. What should I do?

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  • If you want to rebuild trust, you need to speak candidly about how the affairs made you feel, and how you’re struggling to trust her.
  • But you also need to be prepared to hear why she felt compelled to cheat — whether it was because she felt lonely in your dynamic, or she’s not as committed to monogamy.
  • Once you’re both on the same page, you can decide how to best move forward, if at all. If your girlfriend isn’t willing to talk about what she did, that’s a major red flag.
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I’ve been dating my girlfriend for four years now. During that time, she’s cheated on me with four men, but I still let her into my life.

She currently works as a receptionist in a hotel, and all sorts of men ask her for her number. She gives it to them without hesitation, and when I confronted her about it, she asked if anyone had called our house and said she would end the calls right away if they say anything stupid.

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