2020 Election Day: Over half of Americans believe Nov. 3 will be most stressful day of their lives!

NEW YORK — As if the coronavirus pandemic wasn’t giving Americans enough anxiety already, you may have heard there’s a presidential election this November. With political divisions reaching historical highs, a survey finds a majority of the country believe their most stressful day of 2020 hasn’t even arrived yet. The poll examining mental health reveals 55 percent of Americans think Election Day 2020 will be the most stress-filled day of their lives.

The OnePoll survey examined the current mental health of 2,000 adults, focusing on the stress caused by COVID-19 and the presidential race. Nearly six in 10 people can’t imagine being more stressed than they already are this year, while 67 percent want the year to be over now.

The study, commissioned by Feelmore Labs and Cove, reveals Millennials (61%) and members of Generation X (58%) are feeling the Election Day strain more than anyone else. Only one-third of Baby Boomers feel the same way about the upcoming vote.

Coronavirus, Election Day top U.S. stressors in 2020

While political tensions are running high, 63 percent still say the pandemic is their top stress point of 2020. Just under half (49%) believe the election is the most stressful aspect of the year.

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