65 workers at the Washington nursing home where 13 residents have died of the coronavirus are showing symptoms


Medics wait to enter the Life Care Center of Kirkland, the long-term care facility linked to several confirmed coronavirus cases in the state, in Kirkland, Washington, on March 10, 2020.
  • A coronavirus outbreak in a Seattle-area nursing home has infected over 50 residents and killed at least 13.
  • Many employees likely have it, too — up to one-third of the staff is under quarantine.
  • But the CDC has not tested 65 employees because of ongoing test shortages.
  • An official from the facility said he hasn’t been given an answer as to why the facility doesn’t have enough tests.

David Ryder/Reuters

The Life Care Center coronavirus outbreak  

All of the Life Care Center residents have been tested for the coronavirus, Killian told reporters on Monday. He said that they’re still waiting for results from 20 of those tests tests, and at least three have been inconclusive. In total, 51 residents have tested positive so far. Those with severe symptoms have been taken to a nearby hospital.

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