8 Things You Unconsciously Do When Depressed PLUS bonus end clip

Depression is still misunderstood, despite being one of the most common mental illnesses. In fact, there are some symptoms of depression that may go over our own heads, because it’s hard to notice some behavioral changes within ourselves. To help you understand more about depression, we are going to talk about some of the common things you might do when depressed that you may not even notice. DISCLAIMER: This video is meant for educational purposes and not to take the place of a proper diagnosis. If you suspect you might have undiagnosed depression, please consult a physician or mental health professional. Yuri is a speaker, connector and writer of Creating Your Own Happiness. Yuri is passionate about spreading the messages about meditation, power of intention, and creating a powerful mindset to live a fulfilling life. Her mission in the world is inspire people to live with more laughter, oneness, vulnerability and ease, (L.O.V.E.) to ignite people to live in a world of infinite creative possibilities.

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