Ambulance driver in Georgia charged with DUI and homicide after the vehicle flipped into a ditch, killing a 66-year-old patient who was inside

  • An ambulance driver in Georgia faces numerous charges after the vehicle he was driving flipped into a ditch, killing the patient on board.
  • The driver, Kevin McCorvey, was charged with DUI and second-degree vehicular homicide.
  • Authorities said that Wilton Thomason Jr., the 66-year-old patient, died after suffering fatal injuries.

An ambulance driver in Georgia was arrested and charged with driving under the influence and homicide after he crashed the vehicle last week, resulting in the death of a patient who was inside, authorities said.

The incident happened at about 7:30 p.m. on Friday in Fairburn, about 20 miles away from Atlanta, according to WSB-TV. When local authorities arrived at the scene, they discovered that the ambulance had turned over in a ditch, according to the report.

WSB-TV reporter Matt Johnson posted photos that showed the ambulance flipped over on the side of the road.

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