Anxiety and Worry: How to learn to overcome anxiety, fears, intrusive thoughts, worry, depression, stop overthinking, with C.B.T., meditation exercises and positive affirmations to raise self-esteem

If you feel overwhelmed by your negative thoughts, if anxiety trumps you, if you want to stop worrying about life…keep reading…

The truth is…The concern is something we all experience daily. We’re aware of that annoying feeling that there’s something wrong somewhere, as well as the persistent anxiety that comes next.

But the question is, do we understand what worry is and what causes it?

The solution is…In this book, you learn how to recognize negative thoughts, and how to manage them with specific techniques of meditation and deep breathing, to achieve inner peace and serenity to enjoy your life.

This book is 7 weeks, day by day, guide.

The problem isn’t ignorance, but inaction.

The goal of this book is to help you act to regain ownership of your life.

In this book, you learn

  • Understand the true meaning of worry and anxiety
  • Practical techniques to learn how to manage your thoughts
  • The 4 foundations of awareness
  • 10 tips to Help You manage Your emotions
  • How to Practice acceptance and Take Action
  • Top 3 comments
  • How to stop worrying
  • Using Your emotions to grow
  • Define negative Automatic thoughts
  • 7 weeks day by day guide

…and much more.

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