Anxiety In The Morning? Why It Happens And What To Do About It, According To A Mental Health Pro

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Have you ever woken up feeling low, anxious, heart racing, dreading the day that’s about to come? Most of us have at least once or twice.

It’s totally normal to wake up anxious or panicked sometimes, says Natalie Wallace, LCSW, a behavioral therapy clinician at Behavioral Associates in New York. Occasional morning anxiety may stem from a nightmare you just had, or could be related to nerves about a big event coming up at work or in life.

Heck, if you don’t wake up anxious in the days, say, before your wedding or a career-changing project, then congrats! You’re one of the few extremely well-adjusted people on Earth. So don’t get too worked up about a one-off nerve-ridden morning. Generally the anxious feelings in those very particular types of circumstances will pass, and you probably won’t feel that way for long.

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