Bathing routines have changed during coronavirus. Here’s what your shower time can do for your mood


Woman washes her hair with shampoo in bathroom. Woman washing her hair with a lot of foam inside a shower. Back view of young woman washing her hair.


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As our day-to-day lives continue to shift amid the coronavirus pandemic, turning to the familiarity of established routines can help structure and organize the day in a time that can feel out of our control. For many, this shift has included a dedication to maintaining exceptional hygiene.

“I think people are very aware now, more than ever, how much bacteria, viruses, et cetera, we carry on our bodies — especially our hands,” explains Judy Rosenberg, psychologist and creator of the Be The Cause Mind Map System. “We are understanding that to be preventive and give ourselves an opportunity to be free of these harmful bacteria and viruses, we need to be proactive and bathe … now that we are being told to wash our hands and clean ourselves for the sake of life itself, it forces us to be more meticulous in this area.

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