Bella Hadid Shares Her Struggles With Severe Depression


While being a supermodel may have its perks, Bella Hadid opens up about the downsides, sharing her struggles with mental health. The runway darling is no stranger to the public eye, but with that often comes unfettered criticism from strangers.

In an interview with WSJ, Magazine, the brunette revealed that extreme depression has prevented her from using a stylist for some time, saying, “In the last year, it was really important for me to learn that even if people talk about my style or if they like it or if they don’t, it doesn’t matter, because it’s my style. When I leave the house in the morning, what I think about is: Does this make me happy? Do I feel good in this and do I feel comfortable?”

The 25-year-old disclosed that she was “in such a weird place mentally” and it felt agonizing for her “to get out of the house and put an outfit together, especially with the anxiety of [photographers] being outside and all of that.” Hadid shared a series of tearful images last fall, while experiencing “really depressive episodes,” sparking a wider conversation about mental health.

She explained, “I would just be in excruciating and debilitating mental and physical pain, and I didn’t know why. That was over the past three years to make sure that anybody that was feeling that way knew it was OK to feel that way.”

While mental health has been a taboo topic in the past, it is encouraging to know that no one goes through anything alone.

Bella Hadid details her 'excruciating' mental health struggles
Bella Hadid has been open about her mental health issues on Instagram. Instagram/Bella Hadid


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