Boy found walking Baltimore streets alone after midnight remains unclaimed, police say

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A little boy with a heartbreaking smile was found wandering the streets of Baltimore alone after midnight Dec. 16, .

Now police say they can’t find his family.

Investigators shared a photo of the child on Facebook, in hopes someone in the Maryland city can identify his parents or guardian.

The boy is seen in the photo trying his best to smile, while wearing a Mickey Mouse coat, jeans and carrying a brown paper bag.

“Just after midnight on December 16, 2021, Central District officers located this child wandering in the area of the Royal Farms Arena,” the Baltimore Police Department wrote.

“The child was found alone and officers have been unable to locate his parents.”

The photo remained on the department’s Facebook page Friday, Dec. 17, with no update. It has gotten nearly 4,000 reactions and comments, and almost 10,000 shares in the past day.

Some commenters feared something had happened to the boy’s parents, while others couldn’t help but note his tragic smile in a terrifying situation.

“Aww. The smile he tried to make for the picture but u can obviously see he’s sad,” one person wrote.

“I see his brave little attempt to smile, too,” another said.

It is the second time in four weeks Baltimore police have reported finding a child wandering the streets at night, with parents nowhere in sight.

On Nov. 27, a lost child who did not know his name or age was found, and he remained unclaimed for nearly two days, police said. The child, who was found at 3 a.m., was believed to be 3 or 4 years old, police said.

Investigators said the “parents/guardian” of the child contacted authorities on Nov. 29 and were “communicating with Child Protective Services.”


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