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Experts are pushing for more mobile methadone clinics

This type of innovative methadone treatment couldn’t come at a more critical American juncture. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an…

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More than 300kg of cocaine and meth seized in drug bust, Teen crime spree | 9 News Australia

More than 300kg of cocaine and meth has been seized by police as part of a global drug bust in raids in Sydney and Los…

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South Arkansas women shares experience with drug addiction


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Deputies uncover Waddell underground bunker full of guns, drugs and cash

The bunker had shipping container boxes stacked together to create a three-level building, with even a scissor jack elevator and tunnel ladders inside.

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The Story Behind “This is Your Brain on Drugs”

Decades before the meme age, it was the public service announcement (PSA) that sparked a thousand parodies. The egg. The frying pan. “This is your…

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Actors We Lost Too Young To Drug Overdoses

A DC star gone before his most legendary starring turn. A sitcom star allegedly driven over the edge by a cruel interview. Hollywood is notorious…

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Ketamine therapy treating depression and other mental health issues

The pandemic created an epidemic of depression.  But psychiatrists say ketamine is helping people much more than anti-depressants.

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Are Psychedelics the Future of Pain Relief?

  For more than 15 years, Ainslie Course suffered from one of the most intense pains known to humans: cluster headaches. Sometimes nicknamed “suicide headaches”,…

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Intervention: HEAVY Alcohol & Drug Addiction Takes Over Krystal’s Life After Traumatic Past | A&E

Krystal’s traumatic past has led her down a dark road and now a drug and alcohol addiction threatens her life in this clip from Season…

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Bodycam video: San Diego training officer saves deputy’s life after near-fatal fentanyl exposure

A San Diego County Sheriff’s Department deputy was processing narcotics during an arrest last month when he was exposed to fentanyl. Dramatic footage shows him…

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