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Neighbors describe overhearing the murder-suicide at Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall

Kevin Vaughan, from our 9Wants to Know team, talked with a witness who overheard the husband and wife killed in the murder-suicide in Thornton.

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Cause of death of missing Princeton student ruled suicide

A cause of death has been revealed for a Princeton University student who went missing two months ago.

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Selena Gomez Admits She Spent Years Contemplating Suicide

In a deeply personal new cover interview with ‘Rolling Stone’, Selena Gomez looks back on her mental health journey and admits that she once believed…

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Layton parents encourage others to openly communicate with children following daughter’s suicide

15-year-old Aislynn Mancini died by suicide on Oct. 18. Her parents are hoping that by speaking out and sharing, other families will begin to have…

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San Diego Mom And Son’s Fatal Fall At September Padres Game Ruled Murder-Suicide

Dorian Geiger Thu, January 20, 2022, 11:54 AM A California mother and so, who plunged to their deaths from theconcourse level of Petco Park during…

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A Conversation Between Brothers About An Attempted Suicide

There’s really not much I can add here. It’s an honest conversation between brothers that got real. It’s great that he has a support system…

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St. Louis native broadcaster opens up about suicide and depression, hoping his story can help others

Broadcaster Rob Fischer seemed to have the ideal life. But depression came for him, and nearly took his life. Now he wants to help others…

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OVERCOME DEPRESSION – Powerful Motivational Speech Video (Featuring Dr. Jessica Houston)

A powerful testimony that’s worth a few minutes of your day or evening. Millions and millions of people are going through this life together. Lets…

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10 Mental Illness Signs You Should Not Ignore

Mental illness, also known as mental health disorders, refers to a wide range of mental health problems that affect your mood, thinking, and behavior for…

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Youth suicide rates were escalating pre-pandemic. Here’s how to keep the coronavirus crisis from making it worse.

Korin Miller September 7, 2020, 8:00 AM CDT September is National Suicide Prevention Month, an annual U.S. campaign to raise awareness for suicide, and National…

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