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MorningLine: Depression & COVID-19 P.2

On today’s MorningLine, we talk about how the pandemic has worsen symptoms of depression, anxiety, and addiction, but also we tell you about the resources…

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Meghan Markle’s Mental Health Struggles Can Help Others, Experts Say

Meghan Markle said she considered suicide before she and Prince Harry left the royal family. Health experts say her admission can help others. CBS2’s Aundrea…

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Breaking out of concrete: six ways out of depression | Bethany Rose | TEDxLondonWomen

When poet Bethany Rose sat in her doctor’s office and told him that her depression was threatening to consume her, he responded, ‘Don’t be depressed…

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St. Louis native broadcaster opens up about suicide and depression, hoping his story can help others

Broadcaster Rob Fischer seemed to have the ideal life. But depression came for him, and nearly took his life. Now he wants to help others…

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Sophie Pecora – Anxiety (Official Lyric Video)

anyone who struggles with anxiety, this song is for you. i hope it can bring you comfort and let you know you’re not alone. l

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8 Things You Unconsciously Do When Depressed PLUS bonus end clip

Depression is still misunderstood, despite being one of the most common mental illnesses. In fact, there are some symptoms of depression that may go over…

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OVERCOME DEPRESSION – Powerful Motivational Speech Video (Featuring Dr. Jessica Houston)

A powerful testimony that’s worth a few minutes of your day or evening. Millions and millions of people are going through this life together. Lets…

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What is Anxious Depression?

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10 Mental Illness Signs You Should Not Ignore

Mental illness, also known as mental health disorders, refers to a wide range of mental health problems that affect your mood, thinking, and behavior for…

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Depression and anxiety can get the best of us. Here are some tips to cope

A mental health expert breaks down some ways to cope with the depression and anxiety after a year of uncertainty.

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