Dogs are ‘wired’ to rescue their owners (and feel stressed when you are stressed)

Rob WaughContributor
Yahoo News UK

If you’ve ever felt that your loyal four-legged companion would leap to your rescue, just like film dogs Lassie or Bolt, we have good news – you’re right.

New research has shown that a majority of dogs will run to the aid of owners in trouble, even if they have not been trained to rescue human beings.

Up to 84% of dogs will try to save their owners, if they know how to help, the study showed.

Researchers found that, in a simulated test, dogs were more likely to go to the aid of their owners than they were to get food.

The research also showed that dogs are stressed when they see their owners in distress.

Psychologists Joshua Van Bourg and Clive Wynne, of Arizona State University, assessed how likely 60 pet dogs were to rescue their owners using simulated tests.

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