Girl praised for walking stranded 6-year-old home from school after spotting her next to highway

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Megan Johnson,Yahoo Lifestyle

When Skyler Smith saw a little girl walking home from school on the side on the highway, she knew something was off.

Smith was driving home with her mother Stephanie Rogers in the town of Union Township, Ohio on Wednesday when she noticed the 6-year-old girl walking on a grassy patch on the side of the busy road.

“She was scared to cross it because she didn’t want anybody to hit her,” Smith told WCPO in Cincinnati.

Rogers echoed her daughter’s sentiments, sharing that the little girl “was certainly terrified trying to make her way across the road.”

“This is not right. This little girl cannot walk down there,” Rogers remembered thinking. “I’m saying this and Skyler picked up on this. Skyler’s like, ‘Well, do something.’ Skyler said, ‘Stop the car. I’m going to walk with her.’”

Knowing she couldn’t invite the scared little girl into a stranger’s car, Smith hopped out of her mother’s vehicle and walked alongside her, while her mother followed the girls closely behind in her car. Rogers snapped several photos of her daughter walking with the child.

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