Heartbreaking final photo of couple after wife, 80, gave husband overdose in assisted-dying suicide pact

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Andy Wells, Yahoo News UK

This is the final photograph of an elderly couple, released by their heartbroken daughter after her mother gave her terminally ill father an overdose and took one herself in a joint suicide pact.

Joy Munns tweeted the photo, of parents Mavis and Dennis Eccleston next to each other in hospital beds, as she called for the government to change the UK law on assisted suicide.

Mrs Eccleston, 80, survived her own overdose and was charged with the murder and manslaughter of her cancer-stricken husband – but was cleared in September.

Ms Munns wrote alongside the image: “Does this look like a murderer? Our mom got charged with murder for trying to commit suicide with our cancer riddled dad, so he would be out of pain. This was the end of a 60 year love story, NOT MURDER!!!”

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Mavis Eccleston was charged with murdering her 81-year-old husband by giving him a drink containing prescription medication (SWNS)

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