I Used CBD Oil During Period Sex and This is What Happened

My first time having sex using CBD arousal oil was far from what I anticipated. Then again, it was my first time using CBD anything, so I guess I didn’t exactly know what to expect. Like just about all CBD products on the market, the brand I used, coupled with customer reviews, boasted about its supposed effects. Among them wereheightened orgasms, lessened pain, a “decrease in muscular tension,” and “enhanced blood flow.” But what I really was interested in — as I’m sure were most clients — was the chance that I might experience mind-blowing orgasms, because who doesn’t want that?

I’ll admit, I was skeptical. Most products I’ve tried — to enhance sex or other — rarely offered claimed or desired results. So, why would this particular product be any different? It was. I orgasmed almost immediately. Desired goal achieved? I’d say so. But then, something else happened. My period.

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