If you’re ‘essential’ enough to work through a coronavirus pandemic, you’re essential enough to be paid living wage

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“You guys deserve a serious raise,” I told the worker who bagged my groceries. “Did you get one?”

She didn’t look up.

“We got a onetime bonus,” she eventually answered, her eyes still lowered. “It was a couple of hundred bucks.”

An employee of the Trader Joe’s store in Monrovia tells customers waiting in line that it would open doors to everyone at 9 am. (Los Angeles Times)
Matthew Fleischer
Los Angeles Times Opinion
My first trip to Trader Joe’s since the start of California’s coronavirus lockdown had all the trappings of order and security. A polite line formed out front, with everyone keeping a respectful and socially distant 6 feet apart. No more than 50 people were allowed in the store at the same time. A worker squirted a dollop of sanitizer into the hands of each and every shopper entering the store. Another wiped down the handles of each shopping cart before use…..Yahoo.com

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