Judge rules hospital can take 11-month-old girl off life support despite her family’s wishes


Jan. 3, 2020 at 8:00 a.m. CST

Inside a Texas children’s hospital, an 11-month-old girl lies paralyzed and in constant pain. She can breathe only with a ventilator. A suite of medications keeps her alive.

Tinslee’s condition, doctors say, will never improve.

The infant’s health-care team at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth says that every medical procedure it performs on her causes only more suffering and that she should be allowed to die naturally and peacefully. Her mother is begging for her daughter to be kept alive.

The emotionally charged decision about Tinslee’s fate fell to a Tarrant County district court judge, who on Thursday ruled in favor of the hospital. The girl’s mother, Trinity Lewis, said she plans to file an appeal of Judge Sandee Bryan Marion’s denial of an injunction.

“I am heartbroken over today’s decision because the judge basically said Tinslee’s life is NOT worth living,” Lewis said in a statement released by Texas Right to Life, an antiabortion group that has been advocating for Lewis. “I feel frustrated because anyone in that courtroom would want more time just like I do if Tinslee were their baby.”

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A Texas judge sided with a hospital that plans to remove 11-month-old Tinslee Lewis from life support. Her mother disagreed with doctors who say that the girl is in pain and that her condition will not improve. (Texas Right to Life/AP)

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