Lies My Mind Tells Me: The Secret to Finding Happiness with Anxiety

Before she became an international anxiety coach, Tosha McLaren lived in constant fear. Being diagnosed with what her doctor called “the youngest and most severe case of OCD he had ever seen,” Tosha knows the crippling struggle of doubt and worry. For decades she struggled with intrusive thoughts, anxiety, panic attacks, addictions and compulsive behaviors. Her anxiety ran her life. When she realized she had struggled enough, she decided to do whatever it took to heal from the anguish of her mental disorder. In this exciting and empowering book, McLaren presents the tools and secrets to not only abandoning anxiety, but also finding a new found joy and happiness in life. She doesn’t believe anxiety is a life sentence. She believes it actually holds the key to unlimited happiness. From practical methods to unique insights, Lies My Mind Tells Me is the new anxiety go-to book. With a fresh perspective on healing, this guidebook is meant to bring you towards the happiness and peace you’ve been so desperately seeking.

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