Mama June Lands a New Job Delivering Airport Luggage: ‘It’s Called Real Life’

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Emily Strohm
PeopleJune 5, 2020, 8:00 AM CDT

Mama June Shannon has a new job!

In a PEOPLE exclusive clip from Friday’s From Not to Hot: Family Crisis, the troubled We tv reality star appears for the first time during the season — and reveals she is employed.

“I heard you’re delivering luggage from airports in the middle of the night,” a producer says to June during the episode.

“It’s not really in the middle of the night,” June, 40, responds, adding, “Well it can be.”

June continues: “Say for instance you’re at this airport right here. Say for instance all these bitches have been snowed in or whatever. And they come to, like, these hotels and they want to know, ‘Where’s my God—- luggage?’ That’s where the companies call us.”

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