Man Arrested For Pleasuring Himself In Back Of Ambulance

OCTOBER 18–After summoning an EMT crew with a complaint of shortness of breath, a Florida Man got “fully naked” in the rear of an ambulance and began masturbating “inthe presence of first responders,” according to police who say the suspect wore a condom and used an ice pack while pleasuring himself.

Terry Majors, 30

Investigators say that Terry Majors, 30, called 911 Thursday afternoon seeking medical assistance.

But once inside a Sunstar ambulance, Majors allegedly removed his clothes and began masturbating, according to a misdemeanor criminal complaint.

Majors, who “was wearing a condom” at the time, was “looking at EMTs that were trying to treat him” while he was pleasuring himself.

At some point as the ambulance traveled in St. Petersburg, Majors “asked for an ice pack,” which he then “proceeded to fold…and masturbate with” while en route to the hospital.

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