Men and women chained themselves together outside a New Orleans courthouse to block landlords from filing evictions

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  • Protesters in New Orleans stood outside of a courthouse this week to block landlords from entering and filing evictions.
  • Louisiana’s eviction moratorium was lifted on June 15, but a federal moratorium didn’t end until Saturday.
  • One courthouse in the city has already seen 343 evictions, which was in the range of normal pre-pandemic, according to
  • The protests disrupted some court hearings, but there were no arrests, officials told

Men and women stood chained together outside of a New Orleans courthouse to block landlords and attorneys from being able to enter to file evictions, first reported.

The protestors banged pots and pans and stopped people from entering City Hall and the building that houses the First City and Orleans Parish Civil District courts, according to

The move came several days after a federal moratorium on evictions was lifted last week. The state of Louisiana’s moratorium ended on June 15, but the nationwide ban protected people who lived in federally-backed properties, which are about half the renters in New Orleans, according to

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