Mom issues terrifying warning after being ‘hunted’ at Target: ‘I will never forget’

Kelsey Weekman
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A woman opened up about a horrifying experience she had while shopping in Target.

A 31-year-old mom of two young children shared her story to Reddit’s LetsNotMeet forum, where users share “true stories of creepy encounters.”

‘His facial expression was blank’

The woman, who writes under the username Peeky-Lou, said she ventured out to go shopping at Target around 8:30 p.m. one day in December.

She said she’s no stranger to the dangers of human trafficking, so she left the house with several legal self-defense items, parked directly next to the store and took note of the vehicles parked nearby before entering the store.

“I had been browsing for only 10 to 15 minutes when I noticed a young gentleman. He was tall, skinny, dressed in a dirty grey two-piece sweatsuit, and brown work boots,” Peeky-Lou wrote. “He looked over at me, I smiled and said hello but his facial expression was blank.”

She said she wasn’t alarmed by him, but was struck by the fact that he didn’t have a cart or a basket — he was just wandering through the aisles.

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