My Insanity: Held Hostage by Depression’s Grip

Imagine feeling overwhelming hopelessness and despair—nothing but oppressive thoughts resonating a constant desire to end the anguish and pain. Anything becomes an option for relief. Everyone has a survival instinct, that healthy voice within them that promotes self-preservation. Janice knows this because hers was silenced by depression so severe that she was a danger to herself for many years. This book graphically details Janice’s journey from a stable, mentally healthy individual to a self-injurious, suicidal, crazy person, as well as her subsequent rehabilitation resulting in her renewed appreciation of life. She decided to share her story in hopes of inspiring just one person who is so distraught that they are tuning out their healthy inner voice and are on the verge of giving in to their despair. Janice believes that if you have the slightest inclination to hurt yourself, your survival instinct will try to tell you something. Just listen.

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