Police Interrogate Dellen Millard: Millionaire Heir Turned Serial Killer

WATCH: The full police interrogation of Dellen Millard, the Canadian millionaire heir turned serial killer who is now serving three life sentences after being convicted of murdering his father, ex-girlfriend and a man who was selling his truck on Craigslist.

Laura Babcock is shown in a Toronto Police Service handout photo. HANDOUT/TORONTO POLICE SERVICE

harlene Bosma is done with “what-ifs.”

She has spent enough time reliving the night of May 6, 2013, when her husband, Tim, headed out for a test drive with Dellen Millard and Mark Smich, who’d answered an online ad that the Hamilton-area father had posted, listing his used pickup truck for sale.

What if Sharlene had told Tim not to go with them? What if she’d asked the two men if she could see their drivers’ licences? Or what if she’d taken their photos?

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Dellen Millard is shown in a police handout photo released as a court exhibit at his trial in Hamilton, Ont., Feb. 8, 2016. HANDOUT


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