Rainbows, the coolest book about beating depression

This is the black chapter, the first in the collection, of Rainbows, the coolest, funnest book series about fighting depression Rainbows is a vibrant, visual tour of over 100 mood turnaround tips you won’t find anywhere else. This is a let’s–repaint–everything look at managing depression, stress and anxiety, full of ideas you haven’t yet considered. I won’t recommend something that I myself haven’t tried and also I’ll jazz this up with great contributions from today’s talented writers, artists and designers plus oddball activities and music playlists and secret codes and downloads and more. This is how we do it > Each individually published 50–page chapter organizes easy mood improvement ideas around a color. For example, the black chapter – this first release – explores everything from blackout poems to blacklight aerobics. We’ll also cover creative mood–turnaround tools like drawing, writing, list–making, even time travel. You’ll meet talented creatives like NaNoWriMo’s Chris Baty, Listography’s Lisa Nolan and art stars like Mike Perry and Annie Poon as they share their unique methods of mood improvement. Did you know there are black & white rainbows? They’re kinda amazing. You’ll meet them, too. Black is magic, it’s creative. Put your space suit on because we are going to a planet where your true future – one with reliable tools to help you through hard times – awaits your visit with clapping hands and cheers, like Bravo! This black chapter is only the beginning of a lifelong journey (for you, for me) on cultivating happiness, confidence and calm, even in the darkest of places. Over time there will be ten booklets, ten colors. I decided to publish this project one color at a time because nobody wants to listen to a friend go on and on with advice / things to do. You just get annoyed and then don’t do any of it. Here you can start small. Some of the suggestions are zany fun – and I *dare* you to try them – but know that I’m not just some cheerful person telling you to look on the bright side. I’ve faced depression, sometimes from inside mental hospitals, for over 25 years. I’m not a doctor, I’m not a therapist, I’m not even really a writer, but your Buddy has been there – so many of us have, so many of us are there right now – and we got this on lock. We’re leaving no one behind_ I hope you enjoy this book cuz I wrote it just for you_

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