Seth Rogen, Ashton Kutcher fire back at ‘All Lives Matter’ comments: ‘You don’t deserve my movies’

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Charles Trepany, USA TODAY
USA TODAY Entertainment

Seth Rogen and Ashton Kutcher are addressing “All Lives Matter.”

Kutcher took a moment to educate those who cried “All Lives Matter” in response to his Black Lives Matter social media posts. 

In an emotional video shared to Instagram Tuesday, Kutcher said he didn’t want to dismiss those who disagreed with him, but wanted to take a moment to “educate” them.

“We all agree all lives matter, but I had a really poignant experience tonight when I was putting my kids down to bed that lent the words for why black lives matter,” Kutcher said. “Usually Mila and I put our kids to bed, we read them a book. Our daughter always gets to go first and tonight as we were reading her book, my son says ‘Wait, why don’t I get to go first?’ ”

The 42-year-old actor explained that his wife Mila told their son it’s because girls go first.

“‘You know why girls go first? For you and me, girls go first and the reason why is, for some boys, girls don’t get a go at all,” Kutcher said to his son. “‘And so for you and me, girls go first.'”

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