‘Sorry, I’m tapped out’ mom says of homeschooling in viral post


“Sorry, I’m just tapped out.”

I said this to one of my kids’ teachers this morning as she requested a private Zoom with my child and I.

At the same time as this, I had two other kids hopping on their Google meets. I had to pull my oldest from her work to hold the baby, the kids’ dad had a call just starting, and as I struggled with my laptop to even find which godforsaken link I needed to click, I was ready to crumble.

The laptop wouldn’t connect to the internet. The baby was fussing. My oldest was frustrated I had to pull her from what she was in the middle of. I had noise coming from each room with all the kids trying to, you know, “school,” and it took every fiber of my being not to throw the laptop off the table.

I’m one person trying to juggle the schedule for five kids and everyday I fluctuate between moments of having it together and seriously, well … losing it.

This isn’t normal.

Any of it.

Trying to function in the “unfunctionable.”

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