The Anxiety Check-In: A Guided Journal to Support Your Mental Health

The Anxiety Check-In: A Guided Journal to Support Your Mental Health and Help You Through the Hard Days (A Daily Wellness Journal for Anxiety Relief and Self-Care, Gifts for Millennial Women)

Raise your hand if you’ve ever said, “I’m fine” and didn’t actually mean it. Welcome to an exclusive club: you are officially one of over 7.5 billion people who do not have their mental health totally together (but you’re trying your best). When the bad days happen and you feel yourself running thin, it’s time to turn to a guided journal that will help craft your coping skills, develop some self-care, and discover manageable anxiety relief. The guided prompts in The Anxiety Check-In ask the simple, honest questions to help sort the thoughts racing through your head. A non-intimidating resource for your mental health, this book will show you how to be happy by covering sections on:

  • Wellness: a handy guide for what positive mental health does (and doesn’t) look like to help you get started and set manageable goals
  • Anxiety: tips for identifying anxiety, dealing productively with stress and pressure, and saying “yes” to life even when it scares you
  • Depression: advice for weathering the storm and reconnecting with the activities and people that will lift you out of your funk
  • Self-awareness: face facts and make a plan for the real you―not the one who’s always “fine,” but the one who struggles and still deserves good things
  • Self-love: recommendations for loving yourself no matter how your day is going and reminders that self-care is a daily practice

With a voice that says, “I get you” and helpful tools to unpack your mental state, this guided journal for women and men will pick you up, stand by your side, and help you feel a little less alone. Perfect as a happiness journal, a millennial gift, or for just a little extra self-care, learn to tackle the big things, one check-in at a time.

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