Titans receiver A.J. Brown opens up about his struggles with mental health, depression


Tennessee Titans wide receiver A.J. Brown opened up about his recent struggles with mental health and depression on Instagram on Friday.

In an emotional video, Brown also revealed that he nearly attempted suicide exactly one year ago — which is what prompted him to speak out now.

“I’m kind of nervous, even to be saying this, but a year ago from today, I thought about taking my own life. I had no more hope for better days and everything was just going wrong for me,” Brown said. “The reason why I’m sharing this message today to you is that I’m still here. I’m still going. I’m still smiling, and I’ve got a lot of things to be grateful for.

“I just want to encourage everyone to protect your mental. Talk to someone. Get things off your chest. Do things that make you happy. It’s so important. I didn’t think depression was real until it happened to me. But now I know it’s really real.”  Keep Reading



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