Vili Fualaau Details His Final Moments With Mary Kay Letourneau Before Her Death

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Alyssa Morin

Vili Fualaau is opening up about his final moments with Mary Kay Letourneaubefore she died of cancer at the age of 58.

In an exclusive sneak peek from his appearance on The Dr. Oz Show, which airs Wednesday, Sept. 16, Fualaau details their last conversation.

“We were just talking about when they were kids and we were laughing,” Fualaau describes. “And I turned over and… I didn’t see her chest moving.”

“And I thought it was maybe one of those pauses she has and she’ll come back. You know, she’s gonna take a deep breath and she’s gonna come back,” he continues. “I would count in-between those pauses and it was just the longest count that I had.”

Afterward, Fualaau explains that he “turned off her breathing machine” to hear if Letourneau was just “breathing really soft.”

“In that moment, I had to… tell the kids that they needed to call the rest of the siblings to come and say their goodbyes,” he shares. “That this is it.”

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Mary Kay Letourneau, Vili Fualaau, 2009
Mary Kay Letourneau, Vili Fualaau, 2009

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