Woman makes crazy discovery about date just days after get-together: ‘Men are SICK’

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Morgan Greenwald

The dating world is rough. Just when you think you’ve met someone who might be the one, you find out that the two of you just aren’t compatible — or worse, that your Mr. Right is actually someone else’s Mr. Right, too.

Recently, Twitter user Anna shared a story that truly highlights the sad reality of being single and navigating the dating world. Apparently, she “hit it off” and “hooked up” with a guy, only for him to get engaged to his ex-girlfriend a week later.

In a screenshot Anna shared to Twitter, she confronted the guy, asking him, “What was up with your Instagram post? Engaged??”

“We have been off and on since thanksgiving,” he responded. “She caught wind that you and I were hanging out.. and she said that if I don’t put a ring on it, I’d never see her again.. we are down here in Mexico for her bff bday and s*** got wild the last few nights with drugs n s*** and friends and we didn’t expect it but we just went for it today.”

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