Woman Sues 76ers Owner’s Property Company After Head Was Caved in by Chair That Fell Off Penthouse


Ally Mauch

New York City resident Annabel Sen is suing a property company owned by Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin after her head was caved in by a chair that fell from his penthouse.

According to a copy of the complaint shared with PEOPLE, 24-year-old Sen was walking down the street near Union Square on Jan. 25 when “a heavy wooden lounge chair” fell from a 12th-floor penthouse above and hit her.

She suffered a “severe traumatic brain injury” which required her to undergo emergency surgery at the time of the accident. Sen, who worked in private equity at the time and had applied to Harvard Medical School to pursue a master’s degree in the fall, has had two additional surgeries since and now lives with “permanent and debilitating injuries.”

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